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Why Winteb air pipe heads?

WIKO5000 Type 1A

In production since the mid 1980's, the WIKO5000 series has proven to be a tough and reliable quality Air Pipe Head.
The WIKO5000-1A (angle type) is used inside a pipe system. For example to discharge overboard instead of onto the deck. It is available in sizes DN50 (2”) up to DN400 (16”).
Casted in seawater resistant aluminium (DIN1725), the WIKO5000 series has many advantages in comparison to Air Pipe Heads produced by competitors who use cast-iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel constructions or stainless steel. In short; using aluminium (DIN1725) the Air Pipe Heads will not corrode, require no maintenance and will obviously save you a lot of weight.

WIKO5000-1A Air Pipe Head with flexible coupling

Winteb is known worldwide for its flexibility and innovation. Together with our clients we design our "specials" to meet their specific requirements.
This picture shows a WIKO5000 type 1-AFC DN250 Air Pipe Head. AFC stands for Angle Flexible Coupling. Together with Meyerwerft in Papenburg, Germany we have come up with this solution in order to bring more flexibility into the piping system. The Air Pipe Head is connected to the vertical pipe through a flexible coupling withstanding pressures up to 16 bar. By using this coupling there will be no tension build-up in the Air Pipe Head or connecting pipes, caused for example by welding. The tension will be absorbed by the coupling, instead of the less flexible pipes, Air Pipe Heads or fixed couplings.